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How We Pamper

Our services are tailored to your pet's every wish:


Spa and grooming services that make your pet look like the pick of the litter.

Daily guests or overnight boarders have a "home away from home" with us.
Can't make it here from there? We'll fetch your dog and bring 'em back when you can't.

Good Doggie!

Doesn't all that loyalty we get from our pets deserve some lovin' back? You bet it does! And we think you deserve some rewards too. Check out the treats and rewards we have available for all of our friends:
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Bark-ery Shop
gourmet pet treats.
Peek at some happy pets in our
Mutt Shots Gallery.

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as a "Thank you!"for your patronage.

Tail Wagging

Our customers are doing some tail wagging of their own! Here's what some have had to say.

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Rating: 5/5

Dee and Shane,
Thank you so much for keeping Patch safe and happy while I was away on business last week.

Matt S. | 2023-11-14