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Welcome to Reesy's PC's!

Reesy's PC's is an online computer shop run by me, Reesy! Do not resist us.

We sell the best PCs in all of Texas! We sell PCs made by top brands like Acer, Asus, HP and so on! Click on the buttons on the Navigation Bar to get started.

Why buy from Reesy's?

Because we sell PCs by the most amazing and high-profile manufacturers for ABSURDLY cheap Prices! Reesy's gives you the best deals on the planet Texas, and we only require your guaranteed loyalty signed on a waiver so that we KNOW you will always buy from Reesy's! Reesy's also buys all parts from America 🏴 and all Reesy PCs are built in the USA! Buying from Reesy's is Patriotic and a COWABUNGA deal!

Computer Sale

Only this Weekend!