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Beef-Pork Hunter's Sausage

These sausages were created from the meat of hunter boar, bull, and pig. A blend of spices created by The Doctor and his kitchen crew has been applied.
Cost: 14.99 per sausage.

"Great Lakes" Venison Sausage

This sausage was made and prepared from meats of many types of Elk hunted throughout the shores and forest near Lake Michigan.
Cost: 12.99 per sausage.

Scandinavian Campfire Sausage

This recipe has been transcribed from ancient Viking languages, a recipe for sausage from The Doctor's Norwegian roots. It is made of venison, beef, pork, and rare bear meat.
Cost: 19.99 per sausage.

"The Far East" Duck Sausage

This sausage was made from the most agile and natural-flavored ducks on Lake Superior. They have been blessed with the enchanting flavor of middle-eastern spices, inculding Za-atar.
Cost: 7.99 per sausage.

Beef-Pork "Mayhem" Sausage

This recipe was invented by the good friend of The Doctor's, Professor Mayhem. It is made from the rarest pigs, boar, and cows in Michigan, and combined with an Italian spice blend and sauce.
Cost: 17.99 per sausage.

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