The Master of Meats: Best Place To Buy Meats

What Is This Website?

Doctor Meats needs no introduction. He is the Master of Meats himself, the man who is envied by all butchers in the continents.
The Doctor has graciously set up this website to share (via the internet) some of the many delicious and fantastical meats he has hunted, for only a small price.
The Doctor has put the meats he has found on his most recent venture into the unknown lands into 3 categories: Beef & Sausage, Chicken, and Other Products. All meats under these categories can be purchased.

Who is "The Doctor?"

The Doctor is the single greatest butcher, bowhunter, and meat salesman in the history of Michigan.
His loyal fanbase has set up this website so he can sell his vast collection of specialty meats he has obtained from the game he hunts.
The Doctor hails from Norway, where he was raised by Vikings and taught the way of the bowhunter. He was a natural.
Soon, however, the elders sent him to America, the land of oppurtunity. He found success as a meatseller in Munising, Michigan.
The most critically acclaimed meat products of The Doctor are his Norwegian Chicken Special and his Beef-Pork Mayhem Sausage.

Why Should I Shop At Doctor Meats?

You should shop at Doctor Meats because it is the most critically acclaimed butcher shop in all of Michigan.
Don't believe us? Here's some feedback!
"It is incredible, best meat in the darn world!" -Kid Rock
"Amazing meat, made so many great dishes for the kids." -Winston Churchill
"This meat made me more energetic for the show, thanks Doctor Meats!" -John Bonham
"Good meats." -Barack Obama

Address: 127 E Chocolay St, Munising MI - Phone Number: 906-112-4789.