The Dave, John, and Michael Surplus Outlet

The D.J.M. Surplus Outlet is a place where you can purchase left over Daves, Johns, and/or Michaels. We have a large varity of people to be your best friend, cleaner, cook, gamer, house manager, dishwasher, painting the fence, paying the bills, and cleaning the car. While you can buy Daves, Johns, and Michaels you CAN NOT REFUND OR RESELL YOUR PEOPLE, no matter how defective they are. But you can find high-quality people on this site, they always get their job done and they never sleep unless they want to in which leave them be or else they will vanish and disipate into ashes, then they come back as children. They also make very fine sammiches for people, their food is 5 star quality just ask anyone who has ever perchased a D.J.M. and they do it wicked fast.