Chapter 4 Quiz

1) What does ESD Stand For?

(A)Electrostatic Discharge (B)Elect Station Direction (C)Eletric Static Discharge (D)Employe Security Disclaimer

2) What does FRU Stand For?

(A)Failed Risk Utensle (B)Fried RAM Unit (C)Field replacable Unit (D)Field Random Unit

3) What is the most comonly used form factor?

(A)ATX (B)MiniITX (C)MicroATX (D)Flex ATX

4) Which is NOT a way to prevent ESD?

(A)Ground Braclet (B)Ground Mats (C)Static free Surounding (D)Build PC on Carpet

5) Which one is NOT a way to filter AC power?

(A)Pawor Strip (B)Power Supply (C)Line Conditioners (D)UPS

6) Which Form Factor is smaller than MicroATX?

(A) MiniITX (B)ATX (C)Flex ATX (D)All of Above

7) Soft Switch A: Report computer errors and conflicts at POST
8) PI Connector B: Turn the system off by using Software
9) ATX12v Power Supply C: Data in cables get Corrupted
10) Crosstalk Problem D: Provides 4pin 12-volt of power
11) Conditioner E:Single Powered Connector, had 20 Pins
12) Diagnostic Card F: Protects against spiks and Swells