Exotic Scares 👻👻👻

Welcome to "Exotic Scares", Beware some people may never come back. We are known for some of the scariest rides known to mankind. CAUTION: This place is not intended for people under the age of 16.


Kids(0-12): $2.00 Per Ticket
Teens(13-19): $4.00 Per Ticket
Adults(20-99+): $5.00 Per Ticket


Monday - friday: Kids eat free from (2:30-5:00)
Saturday - Sunday: Ages 50+ get 50% off everything
Birthdays: Supplied food + Drinks

Park Hours

Sunday-Wedensday: 8:00Am - 8:00Pm
Thursday-Friday: 12:00Pm - 5:00Pm
Saturday: 5:00Am - 12:00Am
Holidays: 3:30Pm - 5:00Pm